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The Practice

Hockersmith Gentle Touch Chiropractic and Massage in Orem has been in the chiropractic and massage industry for over 30 years. 


Why should you see Hockersmith Gentle Touch Chiropractic and Massage in Orem? First and foremost, for your personal health and wellness! Living in constant pain is not normal; you should be able to function normally during your daily life. In many cases, your pain is curable in a way that doesn’t require harmful medications or surgery. With our countless testimonials of present and past chiropractic patients, there are many scientific studies that have proven the positive life-long benefits, healing properties, and pain relief that chiropractic care can bring.


Hockersmith Gentle Touch Chiropractic and Massage in Orem offers a free initial exam to evaluate your unique pain problem.  We also accept all insurances and offer very affordable rates. We come up with an individual plan just for you that will help to manage and many times alleviate your pain completely. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Our Staff
Dr. Kevin Hockersmith.png
Dr. Kevin Hockersmith

Dr. Hockersmith loves doing what he does and has been doing this for year.s.

Massage Therapist

Our other Massage therapist is very good! With years of experience, she will remove the toxins that are so often built up over time.

Massage Therapist

Our massage therapists are kind and gentle. You are welcomed and treated to your needs. Walk away feeling invigorated.


Our secretary is always willing to answer your call and set an appointment that fits your schedule.

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